Dear resident of Kitchener,

My name’s Jiri Marek. I’m running for Mayor in this year’s Kitchener Municipal Election. My goal is to enact instant and effective change in Kitchener’s Municipal politics. I’m a strong believer in common sense solutions to our city’s various fiscal and social issues.

I’ve been a proud resident of Kitchener for over 20 years and like many in our region I have grown tired of the city’s mismanagement of taxpayer dollars and the naive investments that have been made over the years, like the LRT.

I am determined to approach Kitchener’s problems with personal courage, professional experience, and strong devotion to fiscal responsibility.

What this city needs is someone who will fight with the people’s best interests in heart, someone who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to get things done.

I am the only candidate with the qualifications and practical experience necessary to change the city’s status quo for the better.

This October, you will have the rare opportunity to make Kitchener, the 21st largest city in Canada, the best again!

Vote for me, Jiri Marek.
It’s time for change!